About the Author

Theo Prodromitis

Theo’s lifelong passion for business is born of “philotimo,” a distinctly Greek personal and cultural imperative that life has a deeper meaning through larger contributions; to honor your God-given gifts by improving the lives of others.

Theo Prodromitis learned business values, ethics and tenacity at an early age from her vivacious, business-savvy, Greek family. She ran her first retail venture at age 8, naturally thriving amid the personal connections, science and craft of her entrepreneurial success.

Through decades of visionary executive leadership as a CEO, successful Amazon entrepreneur and expert marketing strategist, she creates exponential growth and profits for her own companies and hundreds of others. Theo’s expertise spans business development and intellectual property, manufacturing and logistics, and to marketing and strategic communications. She is a sought-after spokesperson and fierce advocate for the interests of women in business and small businesses nationwide.