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by Theo Prodromitis

Did you ever have a pivot point in life and get turned in a direction that is extremely uncomfortable or uncertain? One of mine was when I was anticipating the birth of my first child. Prior to that, I enjoyed a successful career in the professional beauty industry, as a national sales trainer. All the luxuries I had enjoyed in my travels that included spa visits, would now take time and I just didn't have a lot of that.

My mom and dad had passed away years ago; I missed their wisdom, and I needed advice on how to balance it all! Their amazing spirits resonated in my heart and mind. Thankfully, I had my incredible older sister Themie, with four children, to help guide me. I was determined to figure out how to include a little luxury in my new role and to launch a movement of self-care. My brother Dean, a beauty industry expert and I collaborated and came up with a plan. Our brand, Spa Destinations, was born.